By Alex Groves

Orange County District Attorney Tony Rackauckas held a presentation at the San Juan Capistrano City Council meeting about a new task force he assembled which would investigate and prosecute sober living home abuses.

The Sober Living-Home Investigation and Prosecution (SLIP) task force has two prosecutors and four investigators who will look into abuses committed by sober living homes and incidences of fraud such as insurance fraud and food stamp fraud, according to Rackauckas.

“We’re going to be doing various raids and civil cases as well against these sober living homes,” he said. “There’s hundreds of them in our county and they’re responsible for a great deal of problems as we’ve already discussed.”

Rackauckas said sober living homes have not only been identified in various scams, but have also been a contributing factor in homelessness in the area because some homes make their visitors leave when their insurance coverage runs out.

“Left without resources or a way to get home, these people, who came to Orange County looking for help often get curbed, thrown out on the street and they become homeless, unintentionally contributing to our homeless problem we are experiencing here in Orange County,” he said.

Rackauckas said he’s looking to grow the task force over time while working with other law enforcement agencies. He encouraged anyone with tips or information relevant to the task force to call 714.647.3228.

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  • These Sober Living homes have been abused in our community for decades now the only reason you’re seeing any focus by the incumbent who’s been there 20 years is because he’s done nothing but now because he’s in an election cycle he feels he finally has to address this pressing issue which is destroying our communities.

    Vote Todd Spitzer for DA

    We’ve had enough of this district attorney who’s responsible for the highest crime rates we’ve seen in a decade in Orange County!

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