El Camino Real Park. Photo: Courtesy Gerry Muir.
El Camino Real Park. Photo: Courtesy Gerry Muir.

By Allison Jarrell

Local nonprofit Great Opportunities is continuing its effort to assist the youth of San Juan Capistrano in getting a skatepark built. After some initial planning and discussion in the city’s Youth Advisory Board and the Parks, Recreation & Senior Services Commission, the group’s first official meeting was held Feb. 11 at the Mission Grill.

Those in attendance, including Great Opportunities co-founders Eric and David Groos, Councilwoman Kerry Ferguson, Commissioner Gerry Muir and a group of passionate skateboarders and community members, discussed the design of the park and their budget.

In December, the San Juan Capistrano Parks, Recreation & Senior Services Commission unanimously approved El Camino Real Park as the preferred location for a skate-friendly development. The location is accessible and has ample parking, bus stops and pre-existing bathrooms.

In order to appease walkers, bikers and skaters, Eric Groos said the idea for the skate-friendly zone may need to be scaled back into a more transitional space, with skateable benches, rails and low ramps that allow for a variety of uses. At this point, the design and location are still tentative as the group begins setting priorities and raising funds.

The next skatepark meeting will take place March 11 at 5 p.m. at the Mission Grill. Designing T-shirts and fundraising will be the main topics of discussion. To learn more about the movement, follow Great Opportunities on Facebook: www.facebook.com/GreatOpportunities.

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  • As a long time resident, I think this is a terrible idea for that space and has been kept very quiet from the adjacent homeowners. Ifind it hard to believe the majority of homeowners would be in favor of a plan which will bring so much noise and traffic. This area already has a high volume of gang and drug activity and I feel a skate park would only exacerbate that. There has to be a another location that won’t impact local residents so severely. Once again, this area is treated like the bastard step child of San Juan.

  • I don’t understand why skate parks cannot be built where parks already exist with bathroom facilities. Sea Terrace in Dana Point or, Kinishita Park in San Juan. Parks are for recreational use for everyone.

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