By Norb Garrett, Owner and Publisher of Picket Fence Media

Where does the time go? As we enter into a new decade in the year 2020, it feels like yesterday when we were entering the new millennium in 2000 and some were predicting the end of life on Earth as we knew it. So, as we charge headlong into the new decade and make our New Year’s resolutions, here are the things we at Picket Fence Media are committed to:


First and foremost, we’re committed to helping foster a strong, vibrant and respectful community. It’s my firm belief that by informing the public with “Local News You Can Use,” we can inspire more people to get involved in our community—whether through local events, supporting local businesses, getting involved in local politics or volunteering for local organizations and charities. Our communities will be stronger because of it.

Unbiased Information Sharing

We believe in providing fair and balanced reporting so that you, the readers, can make decisions for yourselves. We are apolitical and don’t take political positions or endorse candidates either locally, regionally or nationally.

I believe strongly that it’s not the role of media to try to influence opinions one way or the other—rather, simply, to do our best to present all sides of an issue and allow you, the reader, to decide for yourself how you feel about it.

Having Fun

Look, reporting the news means reporting on both the good and the bad, the happy and sad, the wild and the bland. At the end of the day, we strive to celebrate our vibrant communities, their people, their history and diverse cultural aspects that define us. We try to have fun doing it and present news and information in ways to make it engaging, informative and educational.

As we enter a new decade, I’m aware and appreciative of the important role our papers/websites/social channels play in our communities. We take that responsibility very seriously and are committed to continuing our mission to provide “Local News You Can Use.”

So, please take this opportunity to do everything you can to support your local community, shop and dine locally, get involved in local charities or activities, and engage in local politics. After all, our communities are ultimately shaped and defined by you! Here’s to a happy and rewarding 2020!

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  • Norb… Great article. Sure wish I could read your three newspapers online without having to give up my personal privacy since I have deployed Ad Block on my computer that also blocks Cookies. Can’t you drop this new policy idea regarding Cookies so that I can continue reading all three of your city publications online? Hope you can. Thank you. Don

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