Conrad Realtors
Conrad Realtors

By Danny Ritz

Jeremy, Steve and Bill Conrad of Conrad Realtors in San Clemente are third generation realtors who have serviced the greater South Orange County region since 1963.

Still operating successfully under the guiding values that their grandfather George Conrad instilled in the family business over 50 years ago, Conrad Realtors can offer sound advice on selling and buying to first- time homeowners alike.

Picket Fence Media spoke with Conrad Realtors to shed some light on common faux pas of the modern home purchasing experience.

Picket Fence Media: What is the most prominent misconception you encounter with first-time home buyers?

Conrad Realtors:They (buyers) are typically very nervous, considering this is probably their first large purchase and financial commitment. They have a lot of questions, which we are happy to answer. As first-time buyers, they tend to have many friends, family members and colleagues giving them advice that tends to lead to more anxiety hearing all these different and possibly conflicting opinions. It’s best to consult with an expert.

What are some of the most common snags first-time home buyers should anticipate to try and avoid?

First-time buyers need to account for closing costs, moving costs and maintenance costs of home ownership. They also need to be sure to have the long-term goals in mind. Typically, in 5-10 years, they will be in a good equity position, not necessarily in one to two years.

What might you call the most common “miss” of home buyers in the modern home purchasing process?

Most buyers underestimate the process of qualifying for the loan by not doing as much due diligence as they should before making the offer on a home and entering escrow. At the same time, sellers need to make sure their buyer is fully committed to buying the home and are qualified.

What do you see homeowners looking to sell or interested buyers highly focused on that you might call unnecessary or excessive?

It comes back to nerves and being too hesitant about the process of selling or buying a home. If the buyer or seller is working with a true, full-time real estate sales professional who is experienced, the trust that individual can offer the buyer or seller can go a long way in helping with the stress and anxiety of making such a large decision.

If you are interested in contacting Jeremy, Steve and Bill Conrad of Conrad Realtors you can visit or call their office in San Clemente at 949.492.9400.

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