The City Council on Oct. 16 unanimously approved transitioning a San Juan Capistrano intersection from having only two stop signs to being an all-way stop.

Additional stop signs will be installed at the intersection of Calle Arroyo and Avenida Siega.

Stop signs were already installed on the private street that leads to Oaks Farms on the east side of the intersection and the Mission Trails Equestrian Driveway on the south side.

The city council approval will result in the addition of stops signs on Avenida Siega on the north side of the intersection and Calle Arroyo on the west side.

According to a city staff report, a prior city analysis found that installing additional signs would be unnecessary because of limited traffic through the area and no history of accidents.

However, the report notes that the lack of stop controls on two legs of the intersection created a condition where drivers might not be aware of conflicting movements and could collide.

The approximate cost to transition the intersection is $2,000, which will come from the 2018-2019 public works operating budget.

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