The San Juan Hills High School Future Problem Solvers (FPS) club was awarded first place in an international competition over the summer for a project they did addressing suicide and
mental health.

The club took first place for their “Strength Over Silence (SOS)” project, which aimed to raise awareness and decrease stigma around mental health and suicide prevention.

As part of the project, they created a slide presentation for San Juan Hills High School’s 9th grade health classes. They also hosted fundraisers, created a website and attended city events to help bring awareness to the issue, according to a school news release.

The club was awarded first place during the 2018 International Conference, which took place in early June at the University of Wisconsin – Lacrosse.

FPS is an international organization designed for students to solve future issues using original solutions. Students in the club can either work individually or in a group to find viable and creative solutions to future problems that are part of an assigned topic, according to the release.

Teams are invited to compete in the international competition only after winning or placing at the local state competition.

“It is clear that, for these students, the importance of these issues goes far beyond winning the FPS competition,” a school news release states. “This year, they plan to continue to share the SOS program at schools and community events, and to host a 24-hour walk at SJHHS to raise funds.  They want to continue gaining supporters so that people in the community are inspired to take action on these issues.”



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