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The Shea Center has taken steps to adapt to the coronavirus era, including using telehealth FaceTime sessions for clients to continue interacting with their favorite horses, animals and therapists or instructors, according to a press release.

“A Shea Center on-site team assured that the 30 horses in its care would be appropriately fed and exercised daily to keep them fit for returning to client rider lessons,” the press release said. “In the wake of Governor Newsom’s orders, The Shea Center staff members immediately began working virtually from their home offices. Since then, virtual meetings have been held daily and are becoming comfortable and effective.”

Staff also created and is sending out inspirational postcards.

Inspirational postcards are intended to keep spirits high during this difficult time. Photo courtesy of the Shea Center.

“We are learning and know that what we are doing now will forever alter—in the best sense—our ability to serve those with special needs who come to us for help,” Executive Director Dana Butler-Moburg said.

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