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Target is still on track to move into the former Ralphs spot on Del Obispo Street, according to building owner Andrew Stroscher.

Target has been renovating the building and will open later this year. No specific date has been given.

The general shopping center on Del Obispo Street is being redone, Stroscher said. The Citibank site will be taken over by Chick-fil-A. There will be three tenants after renovation, whereas previously there had been nine.

“By this spring, the entire center will be shut down,” Stroscher said. “By the time it opens up, it will be a new shopping center.”

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  • With all the changes taking place, how about covering the parking lot with solar arrays. The Capistrano Unified School District has recently gone solar with their parking areas. There are many benefits to building solar panel canopies over concrete/asphalt parking lots. (1) Cars can stay cooler while you shop. (2) Covering the parking areas with solar reduce the “urban heat island effect,” which heats the surrounding area. 3) The EPA and DOE have shown that parking in the shade can provide increased fuel efficiency because you don’t have to crank up the air conditioner when you return to your vehicle. 4) Energy produced can reduce energy overhead in the shops served by the parking lot. All in all, its a win win situation. The customers benefit, the shop owners benefit, and the environment wins.

    So how about it … go solar.

    • I totally agree with you. That’s why I decided to
      Join Orange County based RA Power & Light-an Energy Services company serving commercial & industrial ratepayers with a diverse mix of conservation and renewable power solutions.
      Green for good
      Btw I’ve been residing in San Juan since 2006

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