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Stay-at-home directives to prevent the spread of the coronavirus have disrupted our usual exercise routines, but don’t let self-quarantine get in the way of your fitness. The Capistrano Dispatch staff has compiled five fitness channels on YouTube that cater to all sorts of workout styles.

24 Hour Fitness

Ideal for those who are already members of the gym, 24 Hour Fitness offers its variety of workout and fitness classes virtually through its YouTube Channel, as well as the 24GO app. The classes are led by 24 Hour’s team of instructors whose goal is to help you move smarter and push harder.


Jeff Cavaliere shows you how to stay active without any equipment in his “The Perfect PUSH-UP Workout (3 LEVELS)” video. His technique includes doing push-ups incorporating your knees, allowing for some variety. Cavaliere doesn’t give a repetition count, instead encouraging you to do them “to failure”—that is, until you can’t do them anymore.

Yoga with Adriene

For the yoga enthusiasts out there, check out this channel to help you stretch and enhance flexibility. One video focused on the theme of uplifting, guides you through breathing techniques while carefully lifting up various body parts.

Buff Dudes Workout

Even though gyms are closed, you can still get buff at home with dumbbells. The Buff Dudes Workout channel on YouTube gives helpful tips through home workout videos, including doing squats while holding dumbbells above the shoulders.

Natacha Océane

For different kinds of workouts, Natacha Océane offers a variety of exercise videos, including high intensity interval training (HIIT), home workouts that don’t require any equipment, fat-burning exercises, ab workouts, leg day sets and more.

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